Last message on social media: 27-year-old actress commits suicide.

Tokyo: Yoo Joo, a South Korean budding actress, took his own life after becoming frustrated with her daily life.

A foreign media report claims that the Khobro actress, aged 27, also wrote a suicide note. This is now going viral online.

In the note, the actress wrote that she was sorry to have to leave her family. ‘.

“I have lived a happy and fulfilled life, that’s enough for my needs. My heart screams that it’s not worth living anymore. Maybe your life will become empty without me. But please, live courageously. Ga, you haven’t cried, I’ll keep an eye on all things’.

Yujvan wrote, “I’m not sad at the moment, I feel very calm. I think it’s because, after all, I have had the happy life that I’ve ever had.” I was entitled so that’s enough. I’m moving on without blaming anyone.

The actress, 27, said that she was not dead and that she wanted to live well. She also added, “I’m still alive, so live well everybody, I hope to invite many people to my last journey, and I want everyone to see me for the first time since a while.” I would like to meet someone going through a difficult time.

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