Lee Jong Suk and YoonA as leads, the ending, and more

Last week’s 16th episode of “Big Mouth’ had a unique ending. It started out with little interest because it felt like any other legal thriller drama at the time, but it grew in popularity thanks to Lee Jong Suk’s enigmatic lead and YoonA, who were equally, if not more, compatible.From the second week on, the plot unfolded beautifully with twists and turns that kept readers captivated. Some of the drama’s positive and negative aspects are:

1. Stars

Lee Jong Suk and YoonA impressed with their performance and ability to handle a difficult task.As Park Chang Ho matures, Lee Jong Suk transforms from a mousy, soft-hearted lawyer into a formidable man with a hunger for revenge. Lee Jong Suk blended into his role, allowing the spectator to enjoy his struggles and tribulations since he always won. YoonA’s acting career hasn’t been great, but she showed a new side in this drama. The producers did a terrific job keeping her strong and opinionated from the beginning to the conclusion.

2. Adversaries

Yang Kyung Won has always been a wonderful actor in dramas like “Crash Landing On You,’ “Hi Bye Mama,’ “Itaewon Class,’ and more, and he did it again in “Big Mouth’ The actor that surprised us the most was Kim Joo-hun, the story’s actual villain. His objectives were disguised at first, but he got his retribution in the end, and the scene where he sprawled on the gold bars was spectacular. He produced a terrific performance and captivated the crowd until the finish.

3. Go Mi Ho’s End

Many fans felt Go Mi Ho’s (YoonA) ending was a missed opportunity. The last four episodes featured her aggressive disease and death, but it felt abrupt and clumsy. Her death may have spurred Park Chang Ho’s wrath, but he already had enough grounds to carry out his plan, especially so close to the series’ end.

4. Dystopian undertones

Throughout the action, a hue of injustice and corruption established by the higher-ups can be seen. It rings of true happenings or the true situation of our society that we are either still to cover or pretend doesn’t exist, but the drama shows it well in numerous ways.

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