Lisa Kudrow Surprises Fans by Revealing the Most Likely ‘Inappropriate Meme’ Sender Among FRIENDS Cast

The act of sharing memes has become a widespread habit, occasionally reaching excessive levels. Despite the conclusion of the iconic sitcom FRIENDS, Lisa Kudrow has remained incredibly active. Her affection for fellow cast members, including Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, remains unwavering. In an unexpected turn, the Phoebe Buffay actress disclosed which cast member she believed would most likely send an inappropriate meme.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kudrow participated in the “Lisa Blanking Kudrow” game, a fill-in-the-blanks challenge with specific prompts. When asked about the FRIENDS cast member prone to sending inappropriate memes, Kudrow humorously pointed to herself. She explained, “Me, because I would think it means something, and then everyone would say, ‘Why’d you do that? That’s not what that means.'”

In addition to this revelation, Kudrow shared intriguing details about her relationships within the FRIENDS cast during the interview. Although she wasn’t particularly close to certain members individually, she emphasized a strong bond with the rest of the cast, particularly evident as the show concluded.

“‘I didn’t realize until the show ended how rare it is how much this cast gets along together and how much we still love each other,'” she shared. Backstage sources from the sitcom supported this sentiment, noting the close-knit cast that even shared a locker room and had limited interaction with guest stars.

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