Madhuri Dixit’s partner Dr Nene has said that her fame is what makes “certain things tough”

Everyone was shocked by the news that Madhuri Dixit secretly got married to an US doctor called Dr. Shriram Nene. Their wedding date was the 17th of October 1999. The actor quit India to start the new chapter of her life. Doctor. Nene discussed their marriage and the life of Madhuri whom she was in the peak of her fame at the time she left the film industry in an interview in 2013.

Madhuri as well as Dr. Nene now reside in Mumbai with their children and recently have celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. If you take a glance at the social media accounts of Madhuri you’ll see the two enjoying time together as she trims his hair, or teaching the daughter Arin the art of dancing. The doctor. Nene mentioned how Madhuri’s fame made certain aspects “tough or impossible” after the wedding in an earlier interview. It is “more the case in India than in the US,” Dr. Nene said.

Contrary to what some might think that marriage is a universal issue, it affects everyone in a way. Each marriage goes through modifications, for example, to your family schedules and time. Being able to have a partner in life who you can trust is a blessing. Now, you must look after your family in general. In our case the fact that she’s famous makes certain things difficult or impossible. In India more than in the US it is more common. But this hasn’t significantly altered my persona or my identity as the doctor. Nene had previously told Filmfare.

He stated Madhuri as a low-key, easy to talk with when he spoke to her in the same conversation. He added she was “not everyone in the industry was so humble.” While she was discussing their relationship and their future plans, she continued to discuss their union with Dr. Nene added, “She (Madhuri) once said that her marriage was a way to be more social. She’s been in the same place since. I’m the idealist and the gambler. It’s an amazing combination. We all share many life lessons. My obsession and aversion to work have been a huge help in my work. She is a good candidate for having a relaxed personality. I’ve learned patience from her and I’ve passed on the art of organization to her.

Dr. Nene also talked about growing up in Los Angeles and having connections to the entertainment industry. He said having the pleasure of meeting Madhuri was exhilarating because she didn’t have pretense. He also shared how their acquaintances put them in contact. The Dr. Nene posted a throwback picture of him with Madhuri via Instagram on Monday, wishing Madhuri the best of luck on her anniversary. In the caption, Dr. Nene mentioned Aristotle in the caption, stating the following “love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

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