Madonna’s Health Update: Did the Pop Star Experience Fatigue and Discomfort Prior to Collapsing at Home?

Amidst all the buzz about Madonna leaving the hospital, reports are suggesting that the music legend wasn’t exactly in the pink of health prior to her unexpected collapse at home.

Madonna may have been rushed to the hospital on June 24, 2023, but it turns out she had been battling health issues even before that unfortunate incident. According to sources, the singer was pushing herself way beyond her limits, trying to keep up with her demanding touring schedule and overwhelming workload. Let’s dive into the details and discover more.

Was Madonna not feeling her best before the collapse?

After her collapse on June 24, Madonna was discovered unconscious at her residence and subsequently admitted to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed her with a severe bacterial infection, and she was discharged after spending several days in the intensive care unit. It appears that the 64-year-old superstar had been overexerting herself, striving to meet deadlines and prepare for her highly anticipated Celebration Tour, which has now been postponed until further notice.

“She brushed off some symptoms of illness for quite some time, hoping they would magically disappear. She didn’t want to take a break from rehearsals. For a while now, she had been worn out and not feeling her absolute best, all in anticipation of her tour. She’s relentless in her pursuit to be the greatest, to wow her fans, and to accomplish what others before her have never done,” a source revealed to People.

Another insider added, “Madonna has been keeping herself extremely busy for a prolonged period, neglecting her own well-being. She just keeps pushing herself beyond the brink.” Her highly anticipated July tour was meant to celebrate her remarkable 40-year career in the music industry. Despite being back home and recuperating after her hospitalization, reports suggest that the singer experienced uncontrollable vomiting due to the persistent effects of the infection.

Statement from Madonna’s manager

Guy Oseary, Madonna’s manager, took to Instagram to provide details about her health scare. In his statement, he mentioned that Madonna is currently receiving medical care and is expected to make a full recovery. Oseary further stated that all her commitments, including the tour, have been put on hold while she focuses on regaining her health. Once there is more information on Madonna’s progress, her team will announce new dates for the shows.

In addition to grueling 12-hour rehearsal days for her 84-date tour spanning North America and Europe, the 64-year-old also found time to collaborate in the studio. Madonna was working on a special project with Katy Perry just hours before her collapse. According to certain sources and reports, the pop icon not only battled exhaustion due to her demanding schedule but also endured a month-long fever.

The aim of the tour was to bring joy to her fans and celebrate her remarkable 40-year journey in the music industry. However, it seems Madonna’s health took an unexpected turn, necessitating a pause in her plans. But her fans can rest assured that she’s under the care of medical professionals and is determined to make a triumphant comeback once she’s back on her feet.

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