Melek Mosso cuts Melek’s hair to show support for Iranian women

Melek Mosso (a Turkish musician) shaved her hair on stage to support Iranian women protesting Mahsa’s unfortunate death. She was detained by Tehran police on September 13, and died three days later.

Mahsa Amini (age 22) was brutally murdered in Iran by Iran’s “morality Police” after she disobeyed strict dress code restrictions and exposed a small portion of her hair.

Protests have been held across the country following the murder of Mahsa Amini. Protestors of the authoritarian government shout phrases such as “Let women have freedom” or “I will kill my sister.”

Melek Mosso is seen cutting her black hair on stage in a viral video. She is wearing an all white outfit. While she was doing her hair, the audience was cheering for the performer.

The Turkish singer uploaded a video of her on Instagram. It has 1,653,348 likes at the time of writing.


Melek Mosso said in Turkish: “If we want to grab our hair and drag them into your darkness, then we will also cut that hair!” All people should have equal freedom. All women have the right to live in peace and dignity in this world. My heart breaks for the atrocities and restrictions that are placed on my sisters, wherever they may be in this world.

“Mahsa, who was so young and many whose lives were taken in the clashes in the recent days… I stand beside the Iranian people and women fighting for freedom. 89 @bahman_ghobadi (Iran director) said in a video that he appealed to Turkish artists to support him: “Your support now will have an enormous impact on civil demonstrations like this. Artists in Iran will be more willing to support their people if they hear your voice.

“I ask all artists to encourage people who are struggling out here 1 WOMAN LIFE, EXPRESSION, and ZEN!” ZEN.”

Apart from Melek Mosso, many people around the globe have shown their support for the Iranian women. Angelina Jolie and a few other Hollywood stars have also supported the Iranian women.

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