Minnie Driver discusses a difficult breakup with Matt Damon.

Minnie Driver told The Oprah Winfrey Show that her relationship with Matt Damon was “wonderful” before the actor said he was single.

In her latest book, Managing Expectations: A Memoir in Essays, the 52-year-old actress from Return to Me describes her rise to fame over 25 years ago and her relationship with her Good Will Hunting co-star, Matt Damon.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Driver described the attention that surrounded her and Damon’s relationship when they first began dating after portraying lovers in the 1997 film Good Will Hunting.

She said, “That was just a nice romance that was simply a sweet love story in the middle of all of that, but it had a flammable conclusion, which became the focal point.”

Damon and Driver divorced in 1998, and in January of that year, the Oscar winner confirmed the news on Oprah Winfrey.

The Cinderella actress noted that her family “liked” Matt, but they “could see that this young guy was skyrocketing tremendously quickly, as did I.”

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