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Mount Everest Fashion Runway

Individuals here and there do weird things that are simply past an ordinary individual’s creative mind. Be it making a ginormous cake weighing 27,000 Kgs or turning a ball on a toothbrush, individuals have done everything to pack the Guinness World Record. Presently, Nepal has set another new Guinness World Record for holding the ‘most noteworthy height style appear’ ever hung ashore.

Correct, they did that and we aren’t joking!

In an offer to make mindfulness about environmental change and to advance feasible style, Nepal Tourism Board with the help of different supporters sorted out the main ‘Mount Everest Fashion Runway’ at 5,340 meters (1, 7515 ft.) rise, announced India Today.

The design show was a piece of the ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’ crusade and was composed at Kala Patthar (an UNESCO world legacy site) close to the Everest base camp on January 26.

A public statement gave by Nepal Tourism Board read, “The plans, designs and the materials utilized during the Fashion show were all-regular, natural and all Nepali product offering from KASA. The dress line was made of Nepali Pashmina, Felt and Yak Wool, perfect for winter wear.”

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