Neil Gaiman talks about the casting for Season 2 of Delirium in The Sandman.

Neil Gaiman likes to talk to people who read his books, so it’s been fun to watch him do that while The Sandman: Season 1 has been on Netflix. Since the show has been picked up for a second season, fans are wondering what will happen to the characters from the graphic novel who haven’t yet appeared on the show. One of these people is delusional. Gaiman, who is well-known on Tumblr, was asked, “Have castings for the Mason. season of Sandman started yet?” (Just asking, not trying to pull  on)” This was in reference to Mason Alexander Park, who famously entered the Desire casting pool on social media and got the job.

“Not yet,” Gaiman said. “We didn’t know for sure until this week,” he told his fans. He also gave them some insider information about casting, like how you can’t really apply for a role if you’re not an actor. which I love to see in someone who studied acting for years and got a degree in performance theatre. Fans can’t imagine themselves in their favourite works not because it’s impossible, but because it takes a lot more work than dressing up and pretending to understand the character’s motivations.

Gaiman said that after looking into how to cast Delirium, he was excited to do it. Given how well Season 1’s characters were cast, I can only imagine how great Season 2 of The Sandman will be with the characters we haven’t met yet.

Gaiman did go on to say that saying “I like this character” is not a good way to get cast. The writer said:

“(And, just to remind everyone who wants to act, saying “I’m a lot like Delirium in real life” is not the surefire way to get cast that many of you seem to think it is. If you want to be in Sandman, you need to be an actor and have credits. We need to know that you’re not only smart but also reliable and that you know how to act for TV. Can you do the same scene twenty times and still say the lines as if it’s the first time you’ve ever said them? (Can you make people laugh and make them cry at the same time?)

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