Nick Thompson condemns Danielle Ruhl’s “damaging” and claims he had nothing to do with the couple’s breakup.

Love Is Blind’s Nick Thompson won’t be silent about his divorce from ex-wife Danielle Ruhl. In an exclusive statement, the 36-year-old reality star refuted Ruhl’s claims that Thompson was “taking no accountability” for their marriage’s demise.

“These remarks are hurtful to hear. “It is disheartening that Ruhl, whom Thompson met and married on season 2 of the Netflix hit, chose to make false accusations and defamatory remarks about me and our relationship,” Thompson said. She is acutely aware of the challenges associated with being in the spotlight, so it hurts even more.

According to Thompson, his ex’s accusations are “either false or, in the best case scenario, lacking context.”

In order to protect his own mental health, he said, “I implemented a boundary to not participate in communication with Danielle since I did not feel that our communication was trustworthy or producing beneficial outcomes.” It’s not in my character to degrade individuals, so I won’t publicly discuss private topics or my experience in our relationship with good conscience. I’m prepared to put the past behind me and move on.

The 29-year-old Ruhl told reporters earlier on Tuesday that she and Thompson were no longer dating. “He hasn’t taken responsibility for anything. I wanted to make sure that was stated because it takes two. But regrettably, and this is nothing new, he still blames me for everything in every interview. Throughout the entire relationship, he did this.

Thompson wouldn’t cooperate, she continued, so despite spending “a relatively long period of time” in counselling, the couple was unable to repair their union.

We actually ceased doing it, although for a very long time, there were no problems, she stated. “He made all the decisions. No matter how much I contributed or had an opinion, it was never taken into account.

Despite the fact that their marriage had issues, Ruhl stated that her spouse was “very sad” as a result of her filing for divorce. He continues to try to punish me for what I did. Even though we both insisted that we knew what was best for us, she insisted.

Thompson has talked about the challenges they encountered when the cameras for the well-known Netflix series ceased filming.

In light of how we met, Thompson told Us Weekly, “as we moved forward and we started integrating our lives together, you start to see some gaps that you don’t see [right away]. And while we were still establishing our connection, you went from being fully booked to essentially being on your own in the world.

He said, “There wasn’t a great, terrible catastrophe.” Just gradually, these things began to accumulate… I don’t want to speak for her, but I am aware that I didn’t feel like I was getting the support I needed to succeed and sort of move the relationship forward.

Ruhl and Thompson were one of the two couples that were wed in the season 2 finale. The other married couple, Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, also declared their separation in August and then filed for divorce in October.

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