On the first anniversary of his passing, fans and celebrities recall and honour the “dearest Appu.”

It has been a year since the death of Puneeth Rajkumar, the most adored and cherished actor in the South. On October 29, 2021, the Kannada icon passed away suddenly from a severe heart attack. Puneeth died a year ago today, and Twitterati is flooded with heartfelt condolences from his fans and celebrities.# PuneethRajkumarLivesOn is trending on Twitter among fans.

Fans and celebs are commemorating their beloved Appu, Puneeth Rajkumar, his wonderful actions, and his final film, Gandhada Gudi, which was released in theatres on October 28, 2022, one day before his birthday. Many famous people showed up to commemorate Puneeth’s final movie, Gandhada Gudi, which was the late actor’s ideal undertaking. The crowd is responding wildly to the movie as well.

Celebrities pay tribute to Puneeth Rajkumar, including Rishab Shetty, D’Boss, and others.

Puneeth, alias D’Boss, posted a touching tribute to Puneeth on Twitter while also sharing a photo of the two of them. Kannadas will always have Puneeth Rajkumar in their hearts. Despite the fact that we physically parted ways a year ago, everyone still gives off the impression that they are always with us thanks to their artwork and photos.”

On the occasion of Appu’s first birthday, Kannada star Dhananjaya also paid respect to him by tweeting and sharing pictures. “Every second I spend with you, your warm embrace stays with me forever.”

Gondadagudi’s hashtag is #AppuLivesOn. ”

On the anniversary of Puneeth Rajkumar’s passing, fans commemorate him.
Puneeth Rajkumar was seen smiling broadly in a touching childhood photo that a fan uploaded in honour of the hero. He noted: “Without you, a year has passed. #DrPuneethRajkumar # AppuLivesOn. ”

“The gap is so enormous. I miss those broad smiles. “One fan stated that the family is still crying as they think back on all those movie memories as Appu leaveshink back on all those movie memories as Appu leaves.” “Remembering Power actor # PuneethRajkumar on the first anniversary of his passing,” another fan wrote.Although you left us too soon, you will always be in our hearts. ”

For Puneeth Rajkumar, Jr.

According to rumours, Jr. NTR will attend an occasion at the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore on November 1st called “Karnataka Rajyotsava” where the state government will present the late Shri Puneeth Rajkumar with the “Karnataka Ratna” honour.

The Death of Puneeth Rajkumar

Puneeth Rajkumar, also known as Appu and Powerstar, passed away suddenly on October 29, 2021, from a heart attack. At Kanteerava Studios, he was cremated with state honours alongside his parents’ memorial. Celebs from various professions and over 10 lakh Bengalureans paid their last respects to Puneeth.

Gandhada Gudi, the final film by Puneeth Rajkumar,

Fans are relishing each scene in Gandhada Gudi, a heartfelt ode to Puneeth, as they know it’s their last chance to see him on the big screen.

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