Piers Morgan gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a lot of bad reviews.

Piers Morgan went after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry again, calling them “little con artists” because they won an award.

On “Fox & Friends,” the host of “Good Morning Britain” didn’t like the idea of giving them a reward.

Morgan said, “The idea that these two swindlers, who gave up their royal duties and left Britain,… used their royal titles to make hundreds of millions of dollars, which they put right in their own pockets,” The idea that they are being praised as heroes in America by your own kind of royal family, if you will, the Kennedys, makes my stomach turn.

He went on to say, “And I think they should rethink this, because I think it shows the sad state of modern celebrity when two people go out of their way to say bad things about their families on national TV.”

“Harry’s book is coming out, and he’s going to do it all over again to his father, who is now the king and is still sad about his mother’s death.”

He called the former Suits star a “two-bit mediocre actress,” saying, “You’ve got Meghan Markle, who married into a family, took our favourite prince to America, and now spends all her time trying to attack the monarchy.”

“I’m sorry, but as a monarchist and someone who loves this country, I find it outrageous that a Kennedy is now giving them honour and prestige and calling them heroes. “I really don’t know what to say,” Morgan said.

Morgan also criticised Kerry Kennedy for praising the Sussexes, saying, “I think it’s disgusting, and Kerry Kennedy should be ashamed of herself for doing this to her father’s name and memory.”

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