Piers Morgan is referred to as “Karen” by Kanye West. 

Ye, which is Kanye West’s stage name, called Piers Morgan “Karen” when they were talking. Morgan is a controversial British TV host.

Following last week’s controversy over his antisemitic comments on the Drink Champs podcast, the 45-year-old rapper made an appearance on Morgan’s show.

In an excerpt from an interview that will air in its entirety later this week, Ye says to the host, “You don’t hold accountability for my pain, you’re being a Karen.”

A white woman who is thought to be unreasonable and who abuses her privilege to get her way is referred to as a “Karen” in a derogatory manner.

Morgan retorted, “I’m not a Karen. I’m just going to challenge you on what you’re saying.”

God forbid that one remark could make someone experience even a fraction of the suffering the West’s people have endured for so long.

How much money are you worth? West inquired as Morgan tried to give him a “progress” point. Morgan retorted, “Not as much as you, unfortunately.”

“Exactly, heed my counsel! You might become richer, “West suggested.”

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