Popsicle Pop-Up in Lahore

Popsicle Pop-Up exhibition was held in Lahore at Tuscany Courtyard, where art, fashion and lifestyle came together on one platform. Curated by a team of professionals, the carefully hand-picked brands which complement each other and the identity of Popsicle to give their customers an environment to shop and enjoy the experience.

Aymen Hikmat and Ryan Hikmat

fashion,Aymen Hikmat, Ryan Hikmat

Federica, Leena Ghani and Maheen Ghani
Model,Federica, Leena Ghani, Maheen Ghani

Uzair JaswalUzair Jaswal ,singer,uzair

Zahra Raza, Usman Ahmed and Pashmina Ahmed

Zahra Raza, Usman Ahmed, Pashmina Ahmed


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