Priyanka talks about her trip to Colorado with her daughter Malti, where it was cold.

Priyanka Chopra posted photos to Instagram while she was in Colorado with her daughter, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, and some friends. As she took her daughter Malti outside to show her the snow, she took a picture of the two of them. She was all smiles as she called the picture of her with her friends and daughter “wonderful moments.” Fans and her singer-husband Nick Jonas responded to her vacation post.

In pictures, she wore her hair down and wore outfits that were all white and made of wool. She finished off her look by putting on dark glasses. Malti was lying down in a stroller. In one of the photos, Priyanka posed for the camera while holding the baby stroller. In the background, there was snow on the houses and a clear blue sky. In another picture, she posed with her friends. In the picture, you can see Jess Disilvio, Akari Kalai, and Cavanaugh James. They all smiled big in front of a background of snow-covered pine trees.

Priyanka posted the photos to Instagram with the caption, “Creating amazing moments every day.” In her post, she mentioned the clothing company Perfect Moment.Nick Jonas used emoticons of love and fire. Sarah Haden, an actress, said, “Major FOMO!” I adore you guys.

One of Priyanka’s fans wrote in response to the post, “Wow, Mrs. Jonas, you look great!” “Beautiful mommy,” said a different admirer. “The only Indian girl,” said another fan. Someone wrote, “The sweetest mom.” “My all-time favorite.” “Boss lady!” said the other. The heart-shaped emoji was used by a lot of supporters. Nick Jonas also posted a video of himself skiing with the words “I feel it” next to it.

Priyanka and Nick got married in Christian and Hindu ceremonies at Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace on December 1 and 2. They had only been seeing each other for two months when they got engaged. After that, the couple had two parties in Mumbai and Delhi. Last year, they used a surrogate to adopt their daughter, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. Malti made her public debut by going to the Jonas Brothers’ recent Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony with her mother, Priyanka. She did this to support her father, Nick. When people saw Malti, they were amazed and gave her nice compliments.

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