Russian Woman Embraces a Unique World Inspired by Barbie

Russian Collector Embraces Her Fantasy World Inspired by Barbie

Tatiana Tuzova, a devoted collector from Russia who possesses an impressive collection of 12,000 Barbie dolls, was particularly eager to watch the Hollywood movie centered around her beloved idol. Her anticipation was well rewarded.

Just like the character portrayed by Margot Robbie in the film, Tatiana occupies both a realm of fantasy filled with exquisite dolls and the real world where imperfections prevail.

Between the two, her heart leans towards the former, reminiscent of Barbie Land showcased in the movie.

“In a way, this world is mine too. I even saw a little of myself in the film’s character because, like her, I feel a bit melancholic when I return to the dull reality,” Tatiana shared with Reuters.

“I wish the real world could be just as vibrant, beautiful, and glamorous as Barbie Land. However, once you step out into reality, so much is missing.”

Facing Western sanctions related to Ukraine, Russia is entering the Barbie phenomenon a bit later.

While the film’s official distribution is not available, some theaters plan to circumvent this by screening a digital copy “for free” alongside a shorter Russian film.

To mark an unofficial premiere of the movie in Moscow on September 9, Tatiana has contributed 300 of her cherished dolls to be displayed.

Although she initially hoped to experience the film’s grandeur on the big screen, she eventually watched a pirated version to respond to media inquiries about her reaction.

Tatiana’s fascination with Barbie originated during her childhood.

“Barbie, in my opinion, is a role model. Her motto is ‘You can be anything’. I looked at her and realized that I, too, could be anything,” she explained during an interview in her pink-themed apartment, adorned with a colossal bow in her hair.

Behind her, a wall was adorned with numerous Barbies, representing various themes from Army and Air Force to Party Time and Pretty Flower, each preserved within its original packaging to maintain its value.

Tatiana revealed that she lost her father when she was just six months old and had very little during her childhood.

“And I decided that I would have everything. And everything would be pink.”

She appreciated the fact that the film’s Barbie protagonist remained true to herself even as she traversed the boundary into the real world.

“She stayed true to herself: didn’t gain weight, didn’t dye her hair brown. She simply adapted, you could say, to the real world—much like I did in general.”

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