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saira of ‘Yeh Dil Mera’ talks about her journey

Yeh Dil Mera ‘is a celebrity love drama series that highlights the sensitive topic of our society that we dare not talk about. Rabia Butt plays the role of Adnan Siddiqui’s wife, Sahira.

He took to Instagram and talked about the death of Mir Farooq. Taking to Instagram, she wrote, “Have you watched the episode #yehdilmera ??? And were you shaken to the core. Of all the ways of death, Mir farouq chose one of the worst without ever meeting Sahira once.”
Yeh Dil Mera’s character went on to say, “May God bless the soul of Sahira. And don’t forget that” what a man sows will reap. ”

“Okay bfo bye. It was a good trip to have all of you in Yeh dil mera. Until next time,” said Rabia butt.

She shared a photo of the time lost when Sahira and Mir Farooq spent their wedding days.

Yeh Mere Dil is an amazing series with a different text.

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