Sam Neill gives an update on his condition.

Sam Neill said he is “absolutely fine” and that everything is going well in reaction to recent disclosures that he was diagnosed with stage 3 blood cancer last year.

He assured his fans that he has been in remission for the past eight months in a post on Instagram on Saturday.

“My [health] news seems to be all over the press right now, and it’s kind of ‘Cancer! Cancer! Cancer!’,” the New Zealand-born singer said. Which is a little tiresome given that, as you can see, I am healthy and have had a wonderful eight-month remission.

Neill declared that he is “alive and kicking” and “extremely glad to be coming back to work” now that his health is improving.

Neill continued by saying he never thought his acting career would be so successful. The title of his book, “Movies, Life, Love, and Other Catastrophes,” was partially inspired by this.

“As a result, it makes all the strange things that have occurred to me more clear to you. The tone of the book is one of astonishment, as the pianist explained. ” I never thought I’d seek an acting career, much less become a screen actor. But in a way, that is what actually transpired, and as I take stock of my existence, I couldn’t be more appreciative. The book’s focus is on this.


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