Sebastian Lletget Addresses Cheating Accusations; Issues Statement on Relationship with Becky G

The past few weeks have seen Sebastian Lletget and Becky G’s relationship in the news due to accusations that the soccer star cheated on his award-winning fiancée with another woman last year while he was at a nightclub in Madrid, Spain. The accuser even provided evidence such as text messages, audio, and video allegedly from Lletget. This has left fans upset, especially since Lletget proposed to Becky G just three months ago.

In response to the accusations, Sebastian Lletget issued a lengthy statement on Monday, stating that “a 10-minute lapse in judgment results in an extortion plot.” He further added that since the accuser did not get what they wanted, it has now become a public social media spectacle filled with more lies than truth, aimed at the love of his life, Becky G.

Lletget apologized to Becky G, calling her the love and light of his life, and promised to do better to honor their love. He acknowledged the hurt and disrespect he caused her and vowed to work on himself and earn her love back through whatever it takes.

In addition, Lletget revealed that he will be participating in a wellness program for his mental health. Though the accuser’s Instagram account was soon deleted, the damage had already been done. Lletget’s statement has shed light on his side of the story and offered an apology to Becky G and their fans.

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