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Sergent Major Pakistan Offers Iftar Party for Media Personals in Lahore

Sergent Major, the leading French clothing brand for kids, set up an Iftar party for media personals in Lahore, scheduled for this Wednesday. The Iftar party, being held in the newly launched Packages Mall, proved to be a gesture of goodwill from Sergent Major, in an effort to boost media relations.

While various media individuals were invited,a large number of journalists from print, electronic and online media could also be seen attending the party in Howdy along with Sergent Major Officials.

The French brand, ‘Sergent Major’ is almost 30 years old. Its veteran owners have been successful in spreading its branches in over 32 countries, and it provides its services extravagantly through over 550 stores all over the world.

The brand’s headquarters are in France, where it is well known and loved for offering quality clothes for kids whose ages range from newly born to 11 years old.


The brand has recently ventured into the Pakistani market by officially launching its first store in Islamabad back in September, 2016. A proper opening ceremony was held at the venue of the store itself, where it has already gained huge popularity and is aiming to use it to boost its products and even extend to other branches in the area.

Of course, the news of the brand took no time in reaching Lahore, and many of its citizens insisted that Sergent Major must extend its services to Lahore as well, another bustling city of Pakistan.

Therefore, the brand is now looking forward to opening two different stores in Packages Mall and Emporium Mall in Lahore, to fulfill the needs of its many lovers.

After the dinner at the opening at Packages, participants held interactive discussions with the officials of Sergent Major. It was discussed how the clothing collection the brand offers is often called ‘Stories’, which is inspired by the creativity and imagination of a child’s mind, and shows how every product of Sergent Major has its own story threaded in every single fabric.

We found that the aim of the brand is not only to produce clothes but also to give them a personalized touch for specific needs. Apart from being extremely comfortable, the clothes also help to flourish a child’s imagination.

Sergent Major’s officials were often heard saying that, “Sergent Major Designs are based entirely on the stories which our designers translate from the imaginations of children into real world clothes. After much invitation, we just had to come to Lahore where the love for our brand has grown incredibly.”

Sergent Major have been gaining successful repute in Pakistan due to their different and unique designs.The French originality paired with high quality fabric adds the beauty to the attires. The brand believes firmly that the one thing separating children from the adult world is their dreams and that it should stay that way.

The tireless efforts of its stylists based in France can surely be seen in the success the brand has achieved, and the hearts it has won all over the world. You can find exactly what your little one needs with the variety of collections available at your convenience. Finally, you never have to worry about quality; an assurance department in France carries out detailed checks before allowing the products to be sent into the market.

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