Shannon Beador starts to cry when she talks about John Janssen’s breakup.

Shannon Beador had a hard time holding back her tears when she talked about how quickly she broke up with John Janssen.

The actress from “Real Housewives of Orange County” got emotional when she thought about telling her husband they were splitting up. She said, “I don’t want to start crying, but yesterday was a very hard day for me, and I couldn’t stop crying.”

She then turned to host Jeff Lewis and said, “So I want to thank you, one of my closest and dearest friends, for having me come out and forcing me to go out last night.”

I had a great time, and I’m not sure how I would have handled the situation if I had stayed at home.

The 58-year-old Bravolebrity said Janssen broke up with her in late November, just a week after filming for Season 17 of “RHOC” ended.

She said that we were in a great place. “But when the cameras were turned off seven days later, the story was very different.” He told me that we were no longer together. When he said what he said to me at that time, it really upset me.

During the last days of filming, while the cameras were rolling, Beador told Lewis, 52, that she was “blindsided” by Janssen. Janssen gave her hope that their relationship might last and maybe even go to the “next level.”

“Of course, my relationship is always something to talk about,” she said. So, to sum up, let’s just say that we did film a meal at the end of the season. That’s where we were in your relationship.

Beador kept going, “It was great.” I had a great time making a movie with John. As I started to cry over what he was saying, I told myself, “God, we’re going to get there.”

But after dating for more than four years, Janssen and Beador broke up a week later.

“I just thought that whatever the next step was, we would do it.” “I remember crying, and I remember saying very nice things to him,” she said, her voice shaking with emotion. “This is awful.”

Lewis said it was possible that Beador and Janssen would get back together, but the CEO of Real for Real shot that idea down.

Lewis said that Beador and Janssen might get back together, but the Real for Real CEO said no.

She told him, “It’s over, Jeff.”

I will say that the last time I talked to John was at the start of December. I’ve never left before and not talked to him for this long. It means something.

The mother of three, whose ex-husband David Beador gave her Sophie, Stella, and Adeline, said she wanted to “stay busy” to block out any lingering sadness.

Shannon made it clear that she wasn’t going to “hang out at the bars” to find Mr. Right, though.

She said she wouldn’t be like that person and go to a bar with a group of single girls in hopes of meeting someone. She said, “Because I don’t want to meet someone who goes to bars.”

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