Sickened to hear advanced incitement stories, says Hina Khan

Mumbai: Actress Hina Khan, who is planning for the appearance of a terribleness show “Hacked”, urges people to be sufficiently brave to fight their stalkers, in fact.

“I was stunned to hear the stories people are telling me. I had been unaware of the possibility of these infringement and how uncontrollably people face it. It has been illuminating for both Vikram Bhatt and I.

“I am upbeat that we did this film with the objective that people amass the psychological guts to fight their stalkers. The underlying advance is consistently getting some answers concerning bad behavior and examining it. A couple of survivors have boldly averted their offenders and I am interested by their valor,” Hina said.

Facilitated by Vikram Bhatt, “Hacked” examines the blurred side of the automated and the online liafe world. It furthermore incorporates performers Rohan Shah, Mohit Malhotra and Sid Makkar.

The film will release on February 7.

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