Siddharth’s Fiery Response to Reporter’s Question about His Personal Life at Event; Watch the Video

Siddharth Responds Calmly to Invasive Question About His Love Life During Takkar Promotions; Netizens Slam Reporter

Actor Siddharth, who is currently engaged in promotional activities for his upcoming Tamil and Telugu film Takkar, found himself facing an uncomfortable moment when a reporter asked him about his love life. The incident occurred during a media interaction, where the journalist brought up Siddharth’s personal relationships, specifically mentioning his past failures. However, the actor maintained his composure and handled the situation gracefully.

During the interaction, the reporter questioned Siddharth about his love life, referring to rumors of him dating Aditi Rao Hydari. The reporter remarked that while Siddharth is known for his romantic roles on screen, he has faced difficulties in real-life relationships.

In response, Siddharth calmly stated, “I have never given this topic any thought, not even in my wildest dreams or when I look at myself in the mirror. However, since you seem to be genuinely interested in my love life, we can discuss it privately. It is unrelated to the movie Takkar and has no significance for others.”

The video of Siddharth’s composed response quickly circulated on social media, with netizens criticizing the reporter for the inappropriate line of questioning. Many users expressed their discomfort with such intrusive inquiries and called for the reporter to be excluded from future press meets. They emphasized the importance of responsible journalism and the need to respect celebrities’ personal boundaries.

Amidst these incidents, Siddharth and Aditi Rao Hydari have been at the center of dating rumors for several months. Reports suggest that they fell in love while working together on a film and have since been seen together frequently, including outings, salon visits, and attending public events. Although the duo has not officially confirmed their relationship, they have dropped subtle hints through their social media interactions and public appearances.

As Siddharth continues with the promotions of Takkar, fans eagerly anticipate the release of the film while appreciating the actor’s dignified response to intrusive questions.

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