Sparks Fly as Scooter Braun and Taylor Swift Lock Horns: Ariana Grande & Demi Lovato Can’t Stay Silent

So, guess what? Just a couple of weeks ago, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato waved goodbye to Scooter Braun, that big-shot manager everyone’s buzzing about. Yup, they followed in the footsteps of stars like Idina Menzel and, if rumors are to be believed, even Justin Bieber.

Now, why’d they up and leave? Well, it seems like Braun rubbed Taylor Swift the wrong way. Remember back in 2019? Swift lit up the internet, blasting Braun for what she called “bullying” and snatching away her life’s masterpiece. A little birdie told Us Weekly, “After Scooter snatched Taylor’s tunes, Demi and Ariana weren’t having any of it. That was the last straw.”

Okay, here’s the scoop: Braun’s gang, Ithaca Holdings, forked out a cool $300 million to buy Big Machine Label Group from a guy named Scott Borchetta. And get this – that deal included Taylor’s first six hits!

Swift didn’t pull any punches. She vented big time on Tumblr, saying, “Now Scooter’s gone and taken my life’s music, and didn’t even give me a shot to buy it back. My songs? Now they’re in the hands of the guy trying to wreck ’em.”

Ariana had been with Braun for a whopping ten years, and Demi? Well, she clocked in six years. Both of them felt that Braun’s head wasn’t in the game. Another chatty insider whispered to Us Weekly, “Scooter’s only around when the cash starts rolling in from tours.” And they hinted, watch out! More stars might just jump ship.

Before all this drama, Braun was climbing the ladder, landing the big role of CEO at Hybe America. Someone spilled the beans that “Scooter’s crew at SB Projects is still on board with Justin and Ariana, but it’s anyone’s guess how that’ll pan out.”

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