T.J. Miller gives a an intriguing explanation of the reason he’s not appearing in Deadpool 3

The best friend of Weasel in The first two Deadpool films who was performed by T.J. Miller, explained why Miller won’t play the same role in the next feature, UNILAD.

Miller recently appeared in The Adam Carolla Show and told a story about the Deadpool film. Miller continued to state on the show the fact that Reynolds “hates his” and also that he has changed following his becoming “very popular.”

Reynolds’ “handsome visage” was obscured by Deadpool Reynolds’ “handsome face,” he explained that was a good thing as it stopped the audience to be “distracted” from his hilarious performance due to his beautiful appearance.

“I believe that after he became famous, super famous from Deadpool the first Deadpool the world changed. … It’s a bit hard to say. am not sure, but did I want to collaborate together with him in the future? No. I’d never ever again work with him. However, I’ve made that statement regarding Michael Bay and now we’re friends . I’d love to be working with Michael Bay again. However, I believe Michael Bay is different. In addition, Michael Bay worked on a film alongside Ryan Reynolds also and so Michael Bay has a specific perception regarding Ryan Reynolds and that was an important part of our last conversation. …”

Miller was quizzed by Carola on whether he knew why Reynolds disliked him or if Miller had spoken to Reynolds about the incident. Miller continued to tell the story.

“I somewhat hope for his well, because he’s such a good actor on Deadpool and I find it odd that he doesn’t like me. There are some people who -there was a bizarre, really strange moment on Deadpool in which he said “Let’s try one more time. Then everyone’s thinking, ‘OK and I’m like “Yeah, I’m fine. But then, in the role of Deadpool, he seemed horribleally mean to me but not to me. As if I’m Weasel. He’s like, “You Know what’s so great about you Weasel? You’re not the main character. But do, well, you provide just enough exposition so that it’s entertaining. Then we can go and return to the actual movie.”Yes, he’s definitely riffingat the same time. This is EXACTLY the reason he did that. Since I’m not more fun than him, aren’t I?”


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