The actress, Natalia Dyer, receives an apology for the Botox suggestion.

Natalia Dyer, the star of “Stranger Things,” has gotten an apology from a TikTok user.

A cosmetic injector revealed on TikTok over the weekend what procedures Dyer, 27, may have undergone to “slim” her face and “open” her eyes.

When the video gained popularity and produced unfavourable feedback, the TikTok user withdrew it. The injector uploaded an apology in which she explained that “offending” Dyer was not her purpose.

She began her TikTok post with, “I simply wanted to come on here to clear the air.” “I had no intention of insulting anyone, including Natalia. I was merely giving advice, not on what you must do but on what your options are. “

She said, “That is what we do as advanced injectors. We observe faces, evaluate and consider the options. Not on what you have to do or what you must do, they are merely alternatives. “

The aesthetic nurse practitioner injector who released the TikTok video indicated in the commentary that the second film was created to “set the record straight.”

“I wish to clarify that I was not implying that Natalia REQUIRED that work; I used it as an example,” she added. “Of course, Natalia is wonderfully beautiful as she is…that is why she is so successful.”

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