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The expensive watch of Boxer Amir Khan and car’s price will blow your mind.

  • Amir Khan is a Pakistani-born professional boxer who is a the two-time champion of world boxing.
  • He was born in the poverty of his home, but became famous in the world of boxing.
  • Amir presented his costly watch and automobile.

Amir Khan is a Pakistani-born professional boxer, and twice world champion. He was raised in poverty, but rose to fame in the world of boxing. His pride has never diminished. of identifying as Pakistani. Pakistani and has not tried to conceal who he is. The man has always been adored by Pakistanis and has worked hard to give all that possible to Pakistan regardless of whether that is by boxing Covid as well as other endeavors.

Amir Khan had tremendous professional success, which helped him in his pursuit of collecting timepieces and automobiles. Due to his championship-winning career, Amir enjoys adding high-end cars and expensive timepieces to his collections. Amir showed off his expensive car and watch that the prices of which can make one’s head turn, in spite of his claim that he’s grown up and wants to live a more simple life.

He also revealed that the timepiece he was wearing was the value of $100,000 which equals 23992,540 Pakistani rupees.

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Amir has also disclosed the fact that the Rolls Royce, which is currently valued at two million pounds (or the equivalent of 67,994,558 Pakistani rupees) is his most expensive vehicle.

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