The Kardashians’ aspirations for their children to inherit $3 billion companies

Inside Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and the other Kardashians’ plans for their kids to take over businesses worth $3 billion, you can read about how they want their kids to run the businesses.

People in the Kardashian family are already planning for their kids to run their businesses, which make $3 billion a year.

It all comes from one of the most powerful families in the world.

In the Sun, it says that the reality stars “filed a lot of trademarks for their kids.”

In February 2019, the 24-year-old Kylie Cosmetics CEO filed five trademarks for the name of her daughter, Stormi Webster.

People who make toys with the first trademark include “toy figures,” “doll accessories,” “dolls” and more. They also make mechanical action toys, electronic action toys, and more.

Trademark No. 2: Advertising and endorsement services to help people find and buy things like “apparel,” “accessories for clothing” and “toys, sports goods.” It also covers “beauty products, makeup, skincare, and fragrances.”

It talks about “non-medicated skin care preparations, skin moisturizers, skin lotions, skin creams, and other skincare items.”

Among the fourth’s items were “clothing,” “cowboy boots,” “headwear,” “jumpers,” “loungewear,” and “rompers.” If a celebrity makes an appearance, the fifth trademark is for that.

Also, the publication said that Kim’s four kids and Rob’s daughter all have the same trademarks as Kylie’s daughter, as do Kim and Rob’s kids.

Khloe applied for the trademark in January 2020, which covers “Retail store services including gifts, apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and skincare,” “beauty products,” “bath and shower products,” “hair care and hair styling products,” and “other beauty and cosmetics products.”

Another one is for “travel cases” and “bath products, body sponges, loofah sponges, bathroom caddies, and so on and so forth.”

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