The Schism’s Simone, daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, debuts on WWE TV.

Simone Johnson, daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, debuted on WWE TV Tuesday night. Simone, as Ava Raine, was the last member of Joe Gacy’s schism. Joe Gacy presented Ava to the crowd.

Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid were unveiled before Simone. Raine removes her mask on the podium between Fowler and Reid, shocking the crowd. Ava stated, “Acceptance.” “The Schism’s love and acceptance transcends my preconceived conceptions of myself. My family completes me. Ava Raine. ” Simone Johnson is Raine. The Rock and Dany Garcia had her.

Dwayne Johnson’s heritage

Simone Johnson, the first fourth-generation wrestler, after her father Dwayne Johnson, grandfather Rocky Johnson, and great-grandfather Peter Malvia. Ava tweeted, “4 roots, 1 tree,” honoring her roots. Ava trained at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, where John Cena and the Bella Twins also trained.

In May, her ring name drew criticism. She tweeted, “I don’t see why people being portrayed as independent from their family name is such a hot matter. “Names don’t diminish family achievements.”

Johnson’s work

Simone’s father, The Rock, made his superhero debut in DCEU’s Black Adam. Superman teases have made the actor’s superhero picture popular. Henry Cavill will reprise Superman after Black Adam.

After the popularity of the original film, Black Adam producers have said a sequel to the superhero flick starring Johnson will be released soon.

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