This is why Prince Harry wanted to die in the military.

Prince Harry says that when he was in the military, he often thought about dying.

In his book “Spare,” the Duke of Sussex writes that as he got on the plane for his last trip to Afghanistan, he was excited.

He started by saying, “If I die in Afghanistan, I thought, at least I won’t have to see another fake headline or read another shameful lie about myself,” said the Duke of Sussex.

Harry went on: “I thought a lot about dying on that flight.” What does it imply? Did I care? I tried to imagine my death. Would it be the state’s funeral?Private? I tried to picture headlines that said, “Bye, Harry.”

He asked, “How would people remember me in the future?” For the front page? or because of who I really was? Willie, would you walk behind my casket? Grandpa and Grandpa?”

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