Trolls are to be banned from Kourtney’s Instagram, according to her.

“Say whatever you’re going to say, just do it as you, not as a person who doesn’t exist,” Kourtney Kardashian encourages those who use false Instagram profiles.

“To all you individuals with zero followers who love to comment on our photos, how liberating would it be to remove your finstas and live truly,” Kourtney wrote on Instagram Stories.

Her friends are in agreement. Natalie, Kourtney’s friend, replied, “Or better yet, go out into this world and be a wonderful person?” No matter how little the number of haters may be. “One hater at a time, baby!!” quipped Poosh’s founder.

Adding to Addison Rae’s sentiments, Kourtney thought trolling was a waste of time. Screenshots show that the KUWTK former cast member said: “I agree.” My next point was to stress the importance of making the most of your free time.

“The most aggravating thing in the world and also a waste of vital time,” Veronique Vicari Barnes admonished hostile social media users. “I was about to add, like, I also think you should use your precious time more wisely,” she said.

Throughout the years, Kourtney has fought back against her critics.

Mason Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s 12-year-old son, was the victim of a social media hoax.

A few days later on Twitter, she stated, “After months of believing you’d all realise that it is NOT Mason on these phoney accounts, some of you don’t,” adding, “so I’ll lay it out clearly: it is NOT Mason on these bogus social media profiles talking about our family.”

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