Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper and I became best friends.

Victoria Beckham is getting closer to her youngest child, Harper Beckham, which is something she has always wanted.

People say that the 48-year-old fashion designer and her daughter Harper are “BFFs” because they spend so much time together these days.

People say that Victoria is “absolutely loving it.” In the past, she was said to have felt “sidelined” because her children got along better with their father.

A source told Heat magazine about the mother of four and her daughter, “Victoria is finally able to have the BFF relationship with Harper that she’s always wanted.”

They said that Harper’s views are “evolving and maturing” as she gets older and that she has become more interested in clothes, which makes her mother very happy.

People say that Victoria, who has her own fashion label, sometimes even takes Harper to work. “They’re practically joined at the hip,” the source said, and Victoria is “thrilled.”

The source said that the Spice Girls member is “so happy” to be able to spend time with her daughter. “She can truly say that Harper has become her best friend,” the source said.

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