Wendy Williams and an NYPD officer get married.

Wendy Williams made “strange” promises that she would get married, which made her fans nervous. Reports say Wendy didn’t tell her family about her wedding, but she did tell some of the most important Hollywood media.

This news got out after the former TV show host told her close friends over the phone that she had married an NYPD officer.

Even Jason Lee, the CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, was told “a few new things about her life, including the great news that she was getting married.”

Tommy, Wendy’s brother, said, “I’ve known Wendy since the beginning, and she’s never spoken like this before. I don’t think it’s her fault, though. ” Tommy seemed to be the one who was most affected.

After all, “It’s a dangerous plan.” “She wasn’t getting married last week,” he agreed. I find that very strange and unsettling. “

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