What’s the fate of The Darkling in Season 2 of Shadow and Bone?

Netflix has released the second season of Shadow and Bone on March 16, 2023. The season includes eight episodes that continue the Leigh Bardugo Grishaverse magic storyline. While the plot can be a bit complicated with various intersecting stories, the second season is said to be just as impressive as the debut season, leaving fans wanting more.

The primary focus of Shadow and Bone’s second season is on Alina’s efforts to eliminate Fold permanently by enhancing her power with the second and third amplifiers. Meanwhile, The Darkling, aka General Kirigan, is being challenged by Crows and Alina, Nikolai, Mal, and their allies.

As the season progresses, Mal is revealed to be Morozova’s third amplifier, the Firebird, that Alina was searching for. However, during their battle to eliminate Fold, Alina stabs Mal to death to use the Firebird’s power. She then uses a Neshyenyer blade to slay Kirigan and the shadow creatures. Later, Mal is brought back to life by the Sun Summoner using merzost and dark energy.

At the end of the season, Alina uses her power to stop a lady attacking the crowd at the coronation, but it’s revealed that her strength is now manifesting as black magic. The second season of Shadow and Bone leaves room for a potential third season with a fresh and exciting plotline.

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