When the police refused to help Meghan Markle, she “collapsed” on the front door.

The cops abandoned Meghan Markle after she accused them of press abuse. The actress started weeping when she was followed by photographers in Canada. According to him, Meghan called Prince Harry after that, and he revealed their discussion in his book “Spare.” He says: “I was in my own vehicle in London with my bodyguard at the helm and her sobbing voice instantly took me back to my early years. Getting back to Balmoral She didn’t make it, dear son. I pleaded with Meg to keep her cool and pay attention to the road.

“My experience as an aircraft controller took over,” he continues. I drove her to the local police station. As she got out of the vehicle, I could hear paps following her to the door. Megan, please smile for us! Kindly select once more.

“She told the authorities what was going on and asked for their help. They pretended to be sympathetic, but since she was well known, they insisted that there was nothing they could do. “I assisted her inside her house through the front entrance, where she passed out, and she went back to her car with photographers once more swarming around her,” Harry reveals.

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