When will the Netflix movie “Robbing Mussolini” come out?

In the upcoming Netflix movie Robbing Mussolini, a big heist is shown.

The trailer for the action-adventure movie Robbing Mussolini, which will be available on Netflix on October 26, 2022, is very interesting.

robbing mussolini Netflix release date

Robbing Mussolini is a heist action comedy that is funny and has a lot of exciting things happening. The story is about a group of resistance fighters at the end of WWII who plan to pull off an impossible heist.

robbing mussolini film

The plan was to steal Benito Mussolini’s valuables from the fascist headquarters in Milan. Mussolini was known as the Duce of Fascism.

Cast List:

    • Pietro Castellitto
    • Matilda De Angelis
    • Filippo Timi
    • Tommaso Ragno
    • Luigi Fedele
    • Eugenio di Fraia
    • Isabella Ferrari

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