Wolf, according to Kylie Jenner, is the name of her son.

The Kardashians episode airing on Thursday included Jenner saying, “This year has been very transformative for me.” Among other wonderful things, I’m eager to spend time with my kids and give my work my whole attention.

“When I alter my baby’s name, which is still Wolf, I’ll let you all know. In season 3, maybe I’ll share it with you guys. She continued, winking at the camera.

During a September appearance on The Late Late Show, Jenner—who also shares a 4-year-old daughter called Stormi with Scott—expressed similar sentiments. They “haven’t formally legally altered the name,” she claimed.

still using the name Wolf. Although Wolf appears on his passport, that will not be his real name. “We can only wait,” Jenner remarked.

We don’t call him “Wolf,” the mother of two stated, despite the fact that she hasn’t legally changed her son’s name yet. The 44-year-old host, James Corden, then inquired, “Well, what do you call him?”

You are aware that Jenner made a snide remark to the late-night host, “That’s definitely not a pleasant name.” You cannot respond to him with “You know.”

Then Jenner said, “We’re just not ready to disclose yet,” adding that a name has been chosen.

The day after her daughter turned 4 on February 2, Jenner gave birth to her son, making Stormi a big sister.

The former Kourtney Kardashian posted a picture of the baby’s hand in black and white with the caption “2/2/22” as her Instagram birth announcement.

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