Zohaib zee ‘Beauty is the quality of being physically attractive’

Zohaib is not a new name in fashion industry, he has done almost century (1oo) of ramps nationally and internationally (Dubai, Malta, Kuwait Pakistan) and have won different international certified awards including Best Model of the Year, Best Photogenic Model and Best Physique Model awards. He has introduced new themes in fashion choreography never done before and has given new concept of ramp.
Now being a successful model and choreographer he is ready to introduce new ideas through his agency in Dubai Xclusive Zee Concepts Modeling & Events

Xclusive Zee Concepts, It is not in a conventional sense a production house or modeling agency but a professional and creative team lead by young and passionate leader to work in the field of fashion industry, lead and founded by Zohaib Zee..
it aims to provide promotional events related to new fashion trends and brands and trains and introduces new male and female models.

Xclusive Zee Concepts is where innovations meet style passion and beauty

Zohaib Zee has 14 years experienced and expertise making him more better in the field of fashion industry. At the dawn of his career, he started in a modeling show of some prestigious fashion show. His been doing also as a supporting actor of some Indian movie, thus it adds to his confident and ideas in fashion. He has been a choreographer in a Runway fashion Show in Pakistan, Malta and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After a years of hardships challenges and study now he is the CEO of his own modeling and event management company the Xclusive Zee Concepts Modeling & Events.

His dream to be a fashion designer is at almost In his goal. Thanks to help of his fellows and friends, and some top fashion designers he elevates his knowledge. Day by day he learned and creates something new which he loves to do. He has a blood and has a passion of being a fashion designer.
He believes that being designed is not only to draw or cut the clothes but also must know how to execute materials and design. And like what the great fashion designer Ralph Lauren said… Fashion is an art of style… it is not necessarily about labels and not about brands… it is about something else that comes from within you… so himself expressing his idea through his world and everyday he is wearing his idea…so if you feel bored of your style and outfit…try something new ask zohaib zee he knows what’s best.

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