KABEER ALI – biography

Every morning I wake up with the thought of wanting to spread smiles and positivity among people through my work and being an Actor gives me an excellent Platform to be able to bring a change in the life of an individual. I want to take up projects that not only entertains people but at the same time educates them.

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I believe when there is Love and hospitality, good things always happen and UAE has definitely been one of the reasons for my success. It is a country that has been a home away from My Home Lahore, Pakistan ” – A global village in itself with people so welcoming to different nationalities and here in this country, I have been able to meet and work with directors and media personalities from different parts of the world who have given me the chance to be a part of their projects, Many of whom I am good friends with now.

As an artist I have had amazing experiences working for various projects like the DU national day Advertisement, Sharjah tourism, Bollywood movies like Airlift and Bewakoofiyan, Aagado , and TVC’s Suzuki car, Prime Hospital, Galerie Hamadan, Global Home, Tresemme , Sharjah mosques tvc, Dubai tourism , Dubai park & resorts , Hafilat abu dhabi, Vox cinema , Dewa shams , Saudi Islamic tvc, Saudi properties tvc, Dab bunkering tvc , Dubai security , Smart Dubai ,Jashnmal , Carphone warehouse UK, Al Bayan Water, Al haramain perfumes, magic planet tvc and many other also worked in Hollywood movie Kung fu Yoga movie short scene, , and Commercial Services and the Cityscape exhibition. & have done photoshoots for well known companies and banks as well ex : Mashreq bank,Huawei mobile , NBAD bank, Judicial Department abu dhabi, abu dhabi chamber,al ain zoo & education centre,Dubai Islamic Bank, Union national Bank, Burjeel Hospital, Apple bee’s , community development authority, ibank Islamic,damac properties,abu dhabi e-government, DP World etc etc ,  so far the worked I have done, I am Alhamdulillah feel myself blessed, and my journey not yet I feel complete, the more I learn the more it makes me feel to rise and shine .and I will be looking forward to work in our Pakistani media industry too , when the right time will come , ill accept it happily!

I still remember the day when I have started my modeling/acting career here in UAE, and that time the budget for that shoot was very low, because it was my initial stage and I didn’t feel ashamed to work low in budget as an extra roles, I never think about money only, because I had my passion behind that first stairs to let me continue my journey and make my dreams come true which I wished, and now there’s time when UAE reputed newspaper agencies and magazine they have taken my interview regarding my work which is well known here, as I believe behind your success there is always few things which will lead you to high place, your hard work, your dedication towards your work, your honesty and be humble kind to the people around you, doesn’t matter he is cleaner or anyone, at the end we r humans ,love humanity !

My father has always been my inspiration – I have always looked up at him for the person he has been- strong, focused, disciplined, humble and down to earth which I believe are some of the qualities that I have taken up from him that has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally. He has sacrificed a lot in his life to give the family all the comforts and get his children educated. Moreover, he has encouraged me to pursue my career in modelling and through my work I want to make him feel proud of me.

I think media is an influential medium to connect with people and being in the field of advertising and acting, I feel it is my responsibility to do work that helps me give back to the society, inform people, educate them , motivate and inspire them.
Some years down the line I wish to have my own company that would tap fresh talent and help them achieve their goals in acting and modelling through proper training and give them the right exposure that they I will not only let them them fulfill their dreams in media but also want to represent my country Pakistan anywhere I will work with pride ,


 Life is too short to plan only things, because you never know next morning it’ll be in our store or no, or we will take next breathe or no. so why not just stand up and reach your goals of life, because the biggest failure of life is when you will not do anything! And stay constant like a tree, and we r not born to be tree,

this motivation everyday my mirror gives to me, that’s the reason I am on my way to fulfill all my dreams!

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