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Who was the first woman to win a beauty pageant without makeup?

London: For the first time in the history of the Miss England pageant, a model without make-up won the semi-final and reached the final.

According to foreign media reports, 20-year-old Melissa Rauf has qualified for the final competition of Miss England, and now she will compete for the crown of Miss England in the final in October.

However, the interesting thing here is that while other models made it to the semi-finals with full make-up, Melissa, a college student, preferred her natural beauty and won the semi-final without any make-up and made it to the final round. Did it.
Melissa Rauf, who has made a name for herself in this unique style of beauty pageant, says, “It was very important to me because I think girls of all ages wear makeup just because they feel pressured to do it. They do and hide their lack through a’makeover’.

He stated that if one is comfortable in his own skin, there is no need to wear makeup; our flaws are what distinguishes us from everyone else.

However, recently she realised that she was beautiful in her own skin, so she decided to compete in the pageant without makeup.

Melissa Rauf from South London has qualified for the finals of Miss England without makeup, and now she is hoping to win the crown of ‘Miss England’ at the finals in October.

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