Zayn Malik sports cornrows amid Selena Gomez dating rumors, receives mixed reactions from fans

Zayn Malik rocks cornrows amidst Selena Gomez dating rumours; fans have mixed reactions

On April 6th, Zayn Malik posted a new picture on his Instagram featuring cornrows, amidst the rumours of him dating Selena Gomez. In the picture, the singer can be seen posing with music producer and engineer Daniel Zaidenstadt in the studio while sporting the new hairstyle. The post garnered mixed reactions from his fans.

While some fans loved Zayn’s new look, others were not too sure about it. One fan appreciated his new look, writing, “Zayn looking buff, hot and healthy. Loving the cornrows/cainerows. #ZaynMalik.” On the other hand, another fan was not a fan of the hairstyle and commented, “i love him but wtf is zayn wearing cornrows like… absolutely not.”

Zayn has experimented with various hairstyles in the past, including different colours and a shaved head. This isn’t the first time he has sported cornrows; he had the same hairstyle when he was with model Gigi Hadid years back. Zayn and Gigi ended their relationship in 2022, and now rumours suggest that Zayn is dating Selena Gomez. Although there is no official confirmation on their relationship, fans are excited about the prospect of their two favourite pop stars coming together romantically.

In conclusion, while some fans have mixed feelings about Zayn’s new look, it seems like the singer is always willing to experiment with his hair, and fans are excited to see what he comes up with next.

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