Barbara Muschietti Clarifies Earlier Shutdown Reports, Putting Rumors to Rest

Barbara Muschietti Dismisses Reports of The Flash Film Shutdown Amid Ezra Miller Controversy

Barbara Muschietti, the producer of The Flash, has firmly denied earlier claims that Warner Bros. was considering canceling the DC film due to the controversy surrounding actor Ezra Miller.

When asked about the rumored shutdown, Muschietti stated, “Not at all. No. That was completely unfounded.”

Furthermore, director Andy Muschietti addressed Miller’s rehabilitation and their use of they/them pronouns, expressing compassion and support for individuals dealing with mental health issues. The team is encouraging Miller to take the necessary steps for their recovery.

In a recent interview with the Discourse podcast, Andy Muschietti revealed that if a sequel were to happen, they would still consider casting Miller in the role, emphasizing their exceptional portrayal of the character. This demonstrates the continued confidence of the DCEU in Miller’s talent.

The statements from Barbara Muschietti and Andy Muschietti affirm that The Flash project remains on track and that the creative team stands by their commitment to Miller and their vision for the character.

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