Jin from BTS Releases His Solo Single “The Astronaut”

We are all just space travellers living in Jin’s universe.

The 29-year-old member of BTS premiered “The Astronaut,” his first solo single, on Friday, along with a moving music video that included the song’s co-writer, Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

Four months have passed since BTS said in June that a “new chapter” featuring individual musical activities would start, and less than a year has elapsed since Jin’s release of “Super Tuna” in 2021. Jin’s most recent single was created by Kygo, Bill Rahko, and the legendary Max Martin, who also served as executive producer. Chris Martin’s 16-year-old son Moses also joins Coldplay to add some other noises to the mix for a song that Jin uses to serenade ARMY, BTS’ fans.

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The pop-rock song succeeds “My Universe,” a BTS and Coldplay collaboration that debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2021. Jin aIn the new song, Jinctionately refers to his fan base as his “world.” I’m with you, there is no one else, and I have heaven all to myself, Jin sings.

Jin’s BTS concept art

The artist depicts an astronaut who must make an emergency landing on Earth in the music video for “The Astronaut,” vowing to return to his home planet. The situation starts to change, though, and Jin starts to refer to Earth as his new home once he begins to form memories on the planet. In the short, Chris Martin also plays a TV announcer who tells viewers about a “strange beam of light” seen in the sky.

BTS’s Jin is currently just as brilliant on his own as he is with the group. In order to post solo content during BTS’ free concert in South Korea earlier this month, dubbed “Yet to Come in Busan,” Jin identified himself as the following member. Jin announced at the time, “A single will be released soon. I have the opportunity to work with someone I enjoy.

The trio, who were designated the official ambassadors for the World Expo 2030 in Busan, put on the presentation for a stadium full of 52,000 people in an effort to support South Korea’s quest to host the expo.

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